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September Newsletter

We’re BACK!

I hope you all enjoyed a fun and safe summer ‘break.’ I know for most summer is a time that social and sport calendars are packed, but I certainly hope you had time to relax and enjoy some extra time with friends and family. The school year and fall seasons are off to a blazing start, and I could not be more excited to be embarking on year two of the Hy-Vee Performance Nutrition Program.

Pinky Swear 5K and Fun Run – Sunday, September 24th @ Principal Park The Hy-Vee® Pinky Swear 5K & Fun Run connects fitness and fundraising to support kids with cancer in our community and across the country. All ages and fitness levels are invited to become keepers of the pinky swear promise through an inspiring run/walk and family fitness festival in honor of All-Star kids with cancer. This event is non-competitive and untimed. This will be a great way to enjoy a fall morning in Des Moines. Please consider joining our team! Visit https://www.pinkyswear.org/5k-fun-run-dsm to register!

Product Spotlight: Balance Box September’s Balance Box theme is ‘Sports Nutrition.’ This is an opportunity for you and your student-athlete(s) to try a few new products that may improve athletic performance and recovery with the use of food. September’s Balance Box is made up of dietitian choices hand picked by yours truly. Each month has a different theme, but of course, this theme is my favorite! Included in this month’s Balance Box is: Applesauce GoGo Squeez, Fuel Your Fire, Picky Bar, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice, Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, Fairlife Milkshake, and several coupons, recipes, and valuable sports nutrition information and education. Balance Box is $14.99 and is available at the Mills Civic Hy-Vee. This makes a great gift or surprise encouragement for your hard-working student-athlete.

Sports Dietitian’s Corner – Sleep and Recovery The beginning of the school year brings plenty of opportunity for adventure, exciting activities, and, well, potential for fatigue. Increased training/intensity, competition, and homework load often pushes a consistent sleep schedule out of a top priority slot. It is important to remember that sleep is not just meant as a cure for “sleepiness,” but rather it is truly your body’s primary time for rest, muscle recovery, and cell rejuvenation. Research shows inadequate sleep may induce slower sprint times, reduced endurance capacity, increased heart rate, and changes in mood. Deep sleep enhances the release of natural growth hormone, which leads to muscle recovery and protein synthesis. Without 9-10 hours of sleep per night for teenagers, it is tough to reach deep sleep to enhance this release of growth hormone.

Top Tips For Enhancing Sleep Quality ü Stick to a schedule. Go to bed/get up at about the same time. ü Avoid phone/computer/electronics for 60 minutes prior to sleep. ü Eliminate outside light and noise ü Try drinking tart cherry juice before bed ü Add a protein snack like cottage cheese or Greek yogurt before bed ü Avoid spicy meals shortly before bedtime ü Consider use of relaxing music before bed You could be executing every other aspect perfectly (i.e. workouts, nutrition, school) but if sleep quality is not a priority, you will not achieve maximum athletic output.