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Hy-Vee Performance February Newsletter

Hy-Vee Performance Nutrition: Fuel With A Purpose

Can you taste Spring?
I’m not sure about you, but the brief warm weather spell we had at the end of last week has me all sorts of
excited for spring! There’s plenty of fun to be had finishing out winter seasons strong, but before we know it spring training will be in full force. In addition to that, baby Davis is due to make an arrival shortly before Drake Relays! I share that news to encourage you to get a hold of me before I am out for a few weeks if you need assistance with your fueling plan for upcoming seasons! (Also, if you happen to see me and think, ‘Whoa, she really hit the holiday treats hard this year!’ You can rest assured it’s a real baby, not a food baby.
Performance Fuel Packs
Have you utilized Hy-Vee Performance Fuel Packs for your student-athlete in the past? Performance Fuel Packs are competition day fuel choices available for pre-order and delivered to area high schools on competition day. They contain an appropriate blend of carbohydrate and protein choices designed to optimize performance and recovery. If you are interested in having Performance Packs available for your team, please email me HyVeeCSSD@gmail.com.

Product Spotlight: Picky Oats… coming soon!
Did you know January is National Oatmeal Month? Oats are a great source of whole grain and fiber, not to mention their fuel power when preparing for a long day of competition or training. Keep an eye out for Picky Oats (from the same company who brings you Picky Bars) coming soon to the HealthMarket. Picky Oats are available in three fun flavors: ‘Can’t Beet Chocolate’, ‘How Bout Dem Apples’, and ‘Game, Set, Matcha!’ The oats are gluten free, soy free, completely organic, and contain no added sugar. Oh, and each serving boasts 10-12 grams of protein. I’ve been noshing on samples, and I can report with honesty that this product is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. Give it a try!

Sports Dietitian’s Corner – Importance of Vitamin D in your fueling plan
Although we all may be gearing up for spring, we still have a couple months left before we begin benefitting from the sun’s ability to help us make vitamin D in our body. Living in northern latitudes makes it impossible to benefit from the sun’s rays to make vitamin D this time of year. Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to negatively affect overall health, especially one’s mood in the winter time.
From an athlete’s standpoint, adequate vitamin D status can:
ü Promote bone health and muscle function
ü Promote optimal immune function
ü Reduce exercise-related inflammation
ü Enhance recovery from injury
Incorporate vitamin D-rich foods from vitamin D fortified foods like
ü milk
ü soy milk
ü yogurt
ü cheese

ü orange juice
ü some ready-to-eat cereals
ü UV-exposed mushrooms

Vitamin D supplementation may be necessary for those who are allergic or intolerant to many vitamin D fortifiedfoods. Always consult your physician before taking a supplement.

Ellen Davis, RD, CSSD, LD | Hy-Vee Sports Dietitian | @HyVeeCSSD | HyVeeCSSD@gmail.com