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Waukee Wrestlers are District Champs – Sending 8 to State

The Waukee Wrestlers are DISTRICT CHAMPS and are taking 8 on to State!


At the District Championships on February 10, Waukee High School wrestlers Kyle Biscoglia, Lucas Uliano and Anthony Zach earned district titles. Joining them at state duals will be runner ups Cody Anderson, Nathan McDonald, Nick Miller, Brock Parker and Brandon Tessau. This is the first time that WHS has qualified for state duals.

“This season is another step in changing the wrestling culture at Waukee,”  said head wrestling coach Chad Vollmecke, “More kids are seeing how fun it is and the benefits of hard work and commitment to one another.”

Additionally, Waukee High School is placed as one of the top 50 high school wrestling programs in the nation.

“Waukee High School’s wrestling program has been steadily improving each year. Winning the District Championship, sending eight wrestlers to the state tournament and qualifying for the State Dual tournament are new milestones we have met,” said activities director Jim Duea.

The team spends approximately 30-40 hours a week practicing and participating in tournaments and meets.

“These kids have worked hard, put in countless hours in and out of season, and they are breaking records left and right because of it. We are blessed to have a group of guys like this,” said Vollmecke.

The state duals will take place on Wednesday, February 14 at Wells Fargo Arena. Waukee’s score during the duals will determine whether or not they compete in the State Tournament on February 15-17.


Lucas Uliano 1st/Nick Miller 2nd/Kyle Biscoglia 1st/Cody Anderson 2nd/Brock Parker 2nd/Anthony Zach 1st/Brandon Tessau 2nd/Nathan McDonald 2nd. Other wrestlers who fought today: Seifried 3/Gammell 3/Smith 4/Morrison 4/ Schneider & Sammler DNP.