Waukee Activities Blog



  • Septemeber 17  Voting for Court
  • September 24 – Voting for Homecoming King & Queen
    • All WHS students will have the opportunity to vote for homecoming king and queen during advisory time.
  • September 24-29 – Waukee High School Dress Up Day Themes
    • Monday: We Go Together Day ( a twin/team/group dress alike theme)
    • Tuesday: USA Day
    • Wednesday: Meme Day (dress as a favorite Internet meme)
    • Thursday: Beach Day (appropriate attire for school is expected)
    • Friday: Waukee Spirit Day (Seniors wear black, Juniors wear purple, Sophomores wear yellow/gold, Staff wears white)
  • September 27  Homecoming Parade
    • Homecoming Parade Sign-up
    • The homecoming parade will begin at 6 p.m.
    • The parade route will be that same as all WHS parades (Staging at Vince Meyer parking lot and ending at WHS Stadium).
  • September 27 – Coronation
    • Homecoming king and queen will be crowned at WHS Stadium on September 27 following the parade.
  • September 28 – Homecoming Football Game vs DSM East
    • Varsity game starts at 7 p.m. at the WHS Stadium
  • September 29 – Homecoming Dance
    • The Homecoming dance is Saturday, September 29, from 8-10 p.m. in the west gym at the high school.
    • Admission is $10 per student.
    • Entrance will only be at the main doors on the east side of the school. Only WHS students in grades 10-12 may attend or bring guests. No one in grade 9 or lower will be admitted and no one older than 20 will be admitted as per past practice. All attendees must show an ID at the door. Students wishing to bring a guest who is not a student a Waukee High School must fill out the sign-up form that is in the student services office.
    • Dress is semi-formal.

*More details will be added as information becomes available.