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WHS Stadium Guidelines

To ensure safety and sportsmanship within our competition venues, the following guidelines have been created. We ask all Warrior fans and supporters of all ages, to abide by these guidelines. Go Warriors!


Waukee Community School District students are assigned to sit in assigned areas of the home side (west side) of Waukee Stadium:

  1. Elementary:  Elementary students will have a designated area available for them, north of the home stadium bleachers. Temporary bleachers will be in place for the first game but newly constructed 10-row bleachers will hopefully be in place for the remaining games this season and in years to come. These bleachers are separate from the 6-9 students. Students can access the section using the walkway underneath the west stadium bleachers.
  2. Grades 6-9: North end of the west (home) bleachers. Access this section using the walkway underneath the west (home) bleachers.
  3. Grades 10-12: South of the students in grades 6-9. Access this section using the walkway underneath the west (home) bleachers.

Any elementary, middle level, or high school students who are not sitting with their parents or guardians must sit in their designated section. Building administrators are assigned to a student section for each game and will be enforcing the seating arrangements. We recommend elementary-age students (up to grade 5) not to be dropped off at the stadium. We encourage them to be with an adult. That adult can bring other students in with them besides their own children.


  1. All home and visiting spectators are asked to enter the stadium at the south end.
  2. Visitor seating is on the east side of the stadium. Home seating is on the west side of the stadium.
  3. Ticket windows are located on the south end of the stadium by the entrance gate.
  4. Individuals with an activity pass should use the specific pass gate at the front of the stadium, next to the main gates.
  5. Visitor concessions and restrooms are located on the southeast corner of the stadium.
  6. Home concessions are located on the west side of the stadium.
  7. Ticket sales and gates will be open at 5:45 p.m.
  8. In the interest of student, player and spectator safety, Waukee Community School District will enforce the following procedures:
    • There are NO re-entries allowed at Waukee Stadium. If you leave, you may not return to the event.
    • We encourage and recommend that students in grade 5 and younger are not dropped off without an adult. Elementary students should be accompanied by an adult to enter the stadium.
    • All bags, purses, and other items will be checked by security upon entering the stadium. No drinks are allowed in the stadium.
    • There will be no loitering behind the stands. Students will not be allowed to play games or run around behind the stadium area – this is for everyone’s safety.
    • No balls, laser pointers, noisemakers, unauthorized signage or flags, or foreign objects of any kind are allowed in Waukee Stadium.
    • In accordance with Waukee Community School District policies, individuals disrupting school district activities will be asked to stop the disruption and may be asked to leave the school district grounds, temporarily or permanently.

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