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9th Grade Speech Team: January Update

9th Grade Speech Team –

Welcome to 2019! The District Speech Team Contest is THIS MONTH! You should have films done, lines memorized, scenes blocked, dances choreographed and audio edited within the week! 🙂

I wanted to send you a preview of our very busy month to ensure that you have our mandatory dates on your radar for the rest of the season. Additionally, I hope that this will alleviate some of your questions as we approach contest season.

You will receive a more detailed email the week of District Contest with a schedule. I will not have a performance schedule until Wednesday, January 16th after I have received it from the contest site. We will celebrate with great awe and cheering if I receive it – and thus you receive it – sooner! 🙂


MONDAY, JANUARY 14th – High School Showcase

9th grade students are new to speech team! As a learning opportunity – and as an opportunity to be assimilated as part of our overall 9th-12th grade speech team – 9th grade students are asked to attend the High School Team’s Parent Showcase at Waukee High School; the event will begin in the auditorium. Three performance centers will be open that evening and will run like a contest day. 9th grade students can choose a track of performances to attend to learn more about speech contest. Please arrive at the WHS Auditorium by 6:45pm. 


TUESDAY, JANUARY 15th – 9th Grade Parent Showcase

ALL 9th grade students will perform in tonight’s showcase. Students, parents, and fans should meet in the Theatre Arts Center at Prairieview to learn more about contest rules, audience etiquette and the rating system. From there, several performance centers will be open; high school student volunteers will serve as “judges” and “room chairs” in this mock contest format, which gives our 9th grade students experience with the procedure of the day prior to the actual event. Wear performance attire (talk to your directors and Team Leads as this varies per event category).

This night is your ONLY chance to photograph and film performances as this is strictly prohibited at contest. 

  • 6:00pm – Call time for performers at PV Choir Room
  • 6:30pm – Parent & Student meeting in the Theatre Arts Center

Estimated end… 9pm. All students will help clean up and put rooms back together before dismissal.


FRIDAY, JANUARY 18th – Contest Send-Off

The 9th grade speech team will gather from 6-7:30pm in the PV Commons for a send-off – a chance to celebrate the next day’s District Contest! PARENTS – an email with opportunities for you to assist will follow. Timberline show choir – we know you are unable to join us.



  • A detailed email with procedure and protocol will be sent the week of this event. Specific performance times are assigned; I will send you the schedule when it is sent to me. Expect it to be Wednesday, January 16 and be delighted if/when it is earlier. 🙂
  • Districts are at Perry High School.
  • Anticipate that this will be a 6:00am – 6:00pm day; I will know specific details after we receive the performance schedule.
  • All students are expected to ride the bus TO Perry HS with the team; students may ride home with parents with a signed note – but only after the final team score has been posted. Students are not permitted to leave early. I am asked to make exceptions each year. Barring emergencies, I am sorry but the answer is no. We are a team and the full team remains the full day to support all Waukee performers.
  • Parents and fans are invited to attend; admission is a $3 donation.
  • Photography and videography are not permitted.
  • This is an ANONYMOUS competition – no Waukee clothing, bags, cheering, etc.


AFTER DISTRICTS (January 21-February 1):

If your event received a I rating at Districts, you have qualified for State and your rehearsals will continue as scheduled. If your event did not receive a I, you will meet for your first normal rehearsal time to look over your ballot and celebrate your season – and then your practices conclude. You are still part of the team and will still join us for State and All-State Speech.


STATE SPEECH – Saturday, February 2nd

The FULL team – regardless of performance – will join us for State Contest at Valley High School in West Des Moines. The team will again ride the bus there, but may ride home with a parent with a signed note after the final Waukee group’s score is posted. Anticipate that this will be a 6:00am – 7:30pm day (State often runs later).

All-State results are posted at ihssa.org on Monday, February 4th. All-State is held at ISU on Saturday, February 16th. All students except for Timberline Show Choir and Girls’ Track are expected to attend; only those nominated will perform.


Please, as always, reach out to me with questions! We are proud of your work – keep at it!!

Head 9th Grade Speech Team Coach

Chelsea Haaland