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State Speech Saturday

Hello, Speech TEAM!

WHEW!  We have a BIG weekend coming up hosting 101 Schools and 3,000 people at State Speech Contest! Please read through this information with your parent to ensure you have everything ready for the weekend.

The Waukee-Only performance schedule for Saturday is available here. Make sure you are looking at the State Tab and not the District tab. On Friday and Saturday, the 9th grade team will be referred to as SCHOOL 210 and the HS Team is 703.  The full schedule for the whole contest day is here STATE AT WAUKEE

Students and parents, please anticipate that you will be assigned a job at some point of the day on Saturday. A shift schedule for all volunteers will be pushed out on Thursday from Nate Jorgensen, our Volunteer Coordinator.  The contest day begins with doors open at 7, performances beginning at 8 and lasts until 7:30 PM.  CRAZY day!  Last year we finished at Valley at that time and still had a bus ride and unloading to do. 


  • One Act Play performs at 7:30 in the HS Auditorium.  Waukee 9 One Act performs at 5:30.  Come watch. 
  • Several of you (students) will also be assigned to help set up between after school.  Details from Mr. J soon. 


  • Plan to arrive at 7:15 and meet the Auditorium where information will be given. 
  •  Our “Camp” Room in Room 465 (Mrs. Younger’s) Belongings will be stored here during the day but YOU will NOT be here during the day as you’ll be performing, working, or watching. THIS IS WHERE YOUR BALLOTS WILL BE. YOU NEED 3 BALLOTS.
  • You are expected to stay all day, just like at Districts, unless you have a school-sponsored event.
    • The last Waukee group performs at 7:15pm; we anticipate that following their performance, you’ll be able to leave, as we will have been able to clean up quite a few centers by that point. 
    • We will send updates on the day’s schedule throughout the day using our Remind messaging app. (Not signed up? Text @wshlg to the number 81010.)
  • Be 20-30 minutes EARLY to your centers. Centers will run early.
  • There are NO oral comments by judges this time.  When you’re done performing, you’ll smile during applause and then professionally and kindly grab your items and set pieces (if any) and move out of the center. 
  • Save your reactions to your own performance for an area away from the centers.  The judges can hear your rejoicing (and your negative reactions) better than you think!
  • Ratings are posted at the end of the sections.  It will show all three ratings by judges and an OVERALL rating.  (I ,I ,II = I for example). An overall I rating does not imply an All-State nomination (see All-State section below).
  • NO WAUKEE apparel.  This is anonymous.  Our school code is 703.
  • Bring $$ for lunch (concessions) and snacks since it is a long day; breakfast and coffee are also sold.
  • Have GREAT attitudes about working hard to host! It’s a lot of work, but we are often guests for other schools who open their doors to us. BE POSITIVE! 🙂  After all, isn’t it GREAT that we are not performing at 7 PM in Council Bluffs?  (That’s where state contest was when I was in school——way back in the day.)


  • Full schedules can be purchased at the door OR downloaded for free at our contest website STATE CONTEST SITE
  • Tell fans to get to your performer’s center at least 30 minutes early. Centers will run early.
  • You may be asked to move if you are watching another school’s performance and there isn’t room for their audience. (This often happens in musical theatre, film, and improv centers.)
  • NO VIDEO or PHOTOS of performances allowed without permission from the state office. I HAVE PERMISSION to videotape. Contact me if you want the permission slip. 
  • No WAUKEE apparel or cheering like, “Go, Waukee!”  Our school codes this time are Waukee = 703, Waukee 9th= 210. 



An overall “I” rating or “Straight Is” at State does not necessarily imply an All-State nomination.  Judges will make nominations of the best events they saw in their center at the end of the State contest day.

All-State nominations will be posted Monday between 4-5 PM on www.ihssa.org for those receiving an “outstanding” nomination.  All-State nominations come when 2/3 judges list a group as “outstanding” performers of the day.  This is an elite honor.  Some groups will receive the “outstanding” nomination but will not perform due to time restrictions in the All-State schedule. 


All speech team members (regardless of nomination) are invited to attend the All-State Festival at ISU on Feb. 17.   A sign-up will be sent ahead of time and pre-registration is required. You’ll also need to sign up for your parents if they plan to attend.  Parent wristband/tickets are $8.  They are sold at the door at All-State; however, it is quicker and easier to buy them from Mrs. Haaland or Mrs. Pleggenkuhle than standing in line at ISU.  


If you have a conflict or question related to a volunteer job assignment (i.e. no longer available, etc), please contact Nate Jorgensen, njorgensen@waukeeschools.org.  

If you have questions about your event, contact your coach or Angela Youngers, ayoungers@waukeeschools.org.

If you have questions about the contest administration/team administration contact me, jpleggenkuhle@waukeeschools.org.

Thank you for being such an important part of the #waukeetheatrefam!  

It’s a great source of pride for me that we can not only prepare great performances for state contest, but also host the huge event.  It takes the whole team!!!!!

Thanks!  Let’s be amazing! 

Mrs. P. 

Head Coach for Large Group & Individual Events Grades 10-12

Jacki Pleggenkuhle