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Individual Speech Event (IE) – rehearsals begin next Monday Feb 4.
Here’s what you should do:
1. Know your schedule for upcoming 5 weeks.
2. Look at the list and see what events FIT your schedule.
3. Sign up on the sign up form. Sign Up Form  (Submit correct email please)
4. Start looking for selections you could use for that event. (Coaches will help, but it’s great if you come with at least an idea of topic/piece/outline prepared because we only have 3 weeks of rehearsal before District IE in Adel Feb 23.) Note: The Speech Team Activity Website has a short description for each event if all of this is new to you. You should also ask other members of the speech team and they can give you advice. OR email a coach with questions. IE Info
5. REALIZE YOUR LIMITS. It may be impossible (or at the very least very stressful) for you to participate in the musical, show choir, and IE’s. AND show choirs perform hours away on both district and state contest days. We directors want you to be able to do both, but we know that doing both at the same time does not allow balance, health……and sanity in our lives.
Sign up by Sunday Feb 3 10:00 PM.

Head Coach for Large Group & Individual Events Grades 10-12

Jacki Pleggenkuhle