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Announcing the Cast and Crew for CINDERELLA

Cinderella Cast, Crew & Pit –

WELCOME to the 2019 Musical!
Casting and assigning technical roles is, truly, always a difficult process. It is thrilling to start seeing pieces of the puzzle come together for the very first time.
We take our work very seriously; from the end of callbacks to the release of this list, approximately 15 combined hours went into the creation of this cast and crew list. A tremendous thank you to you for making our jobs so hard! That means YOU did your jobs incredibly well!
We encourage you to respond to job assignments and casting with grace and poise; celebrations and disappointments are part of the casting process, unfortunately. We’d cast everyone in the role of their choice if we could. However, we know that you are all committed to serving the story and MAN, is this going to be FUN!
Actors – we considered your audition (and callback if applicable) as the number one variable in our casting process. When able, we were also able to consider vocal range, dance skill, chemistry with other actors, vocal blend, and coachability as presented at the audition. We are excited about the way this cast list has played out – a wealth of growth opportunities in song and dance for our ensemble – and we are very eager to work with you!
Your first cast meeting is Monday, February 4th, 3:15-5:30pm in the WHS Choir Room.
Crew – We are a smaller but mightier crew this year. Thanks to so many of you for indicating an interest in a high number of crew areas. We are excited to continue to strengthen our department! We have a high, high need for construction and paint assistance for this show, so you will find that many of you are on that crew as well as your specialty crews – this allows us to count on you for assistance with the set when you’re not working in your other fields. Additionally, some of you have multiple jobs that were assigned in such a way to allow you to focus on one crew for several weeks and then switch focus as the work of the first job finishes. We are excited about the changes we have made in the crew process this year.
Your first crew meeting is Tuesday, February 5th, 6:30-9:00pm in the WHS Choir Room. You will be intimately acquainted with our set design at this time!
What’s next? I know you want a calendar! That is next on my to-do list, and something I can now create since we have our cast fleshed out! However, I’m going to take a bit of a break tonight to watch the SuperBowl; I will have the first several weeks of the schedule ready for our first meetings this week!
Without further ado, here is the Personnel List for Cinderella. Please take some time to click around on the various tabs to grow familiar with how you will be used in our show!
With sincere gratitude and excitement,
Your Cinderella Production Team
David Decker, Josh Deutmeyer, Chelsea Haaland, Kathryn Mosiman, Alex Snodgrass & Tracy Stewart

Spring Musical Director

Chelsea Haaland