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Students attend the 2017 Iowa Thespian Festival

Each year, we are so grateful for the opportunity to attend the Iowa Thespian Festival.

The 2017 Iowa Thespian Festival took place this past weekend, November 9-11, at the University of Northern Iowa. 54 Waukee students had the opportunity to attend multiple productions, compete in various performance and technical events, and attend workshops centered around the growth and development of theatre arts skills.

13 senior students also had the opportunity to audition at once for several dozen college theatre programs. Scholarship offers totaled over $1,000,000 in merit-based scholarship packages.

We would like to extend an additional congratulations to the following students:

2017 Iowa Thespian Festival

  • Michael Pietz Leadership Award: Danielle Schmaltz, Class of 2018
  • Iowa Thespian Theatre Education Scholarship Recipient: Danielle Schmaltz, Class of 2018
  • Stage Management, 1st place: Brittany Hunt, Class of 2018
  • Costume Construction, 1st place: Ella Titus, Class of 2018
  • Costume Design, 1st place: Holly Rankin, Class of 2020
  • Group Musical Theatre, 1st place: Jake Senne, Will Adams & Marisa Spahn, Class of 2018
  • Solo Musical Theatre (Center 1), 1st place: Will Adams, Class of 2018
  • Solo Musical Theatre (Center 2), 1st place: Marisa Spahn, Class of 2018
  • Short Film, 2nd place: Logan Wierschke (2018), Dalton Vogel & Mitchell Pollitt (Class of 2019)
  • Duet Acting, 3rd place: Kathryn Shumaker and Tyler Schutt, Class of 2019
  • Tech Challenge, Overall 1st place: Rohan Gupta, Drew Elles & Jessica Durbala (Class of 2018) and Lanie Weber, Julia Lundstrum, Molly Belvo & Abbi Lesnick (Class of 2019)
  • Tech Challenge – Costume Quick Change, 1st place: Rebecca Lienemann (Class of 2019), Ella Titus & Emily Pajazetovic (Class of 2018)
  • Tech Challenge – Legging a Platform, 1st place: Rohan Gupta, Class of 2018 & Abbi Lesnick, Class of 2019
  • International Thespian Festival Qualifiers:
    • Will Adams, Class of 2018: Solo Musical Theatre & Group Musical Theatre
    • Holly Rankin, Class of 2020: Costume Design
    • Jake Senne, Class of 2018: Group Musical Theatre
    • Marisa Spahn, Class of 2018: Solo Musical Theatre & Group Musical Theatre
    • Ella Titus, Class of 2018: Costume Construction

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Chelsea Haaland